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Nirvana headphones will massage ears but maybe not play tunes

Would you invest? 

Nirvana headphones, which massage your ears, are now ready for orders through Kickstarter. Described as a 'personal ear acupressure device' which relaxes you by prodding the ears with small plastic pins, if the promotional video is much to go by it doesn't look like they can be used to listen to music. 

It's news that will disappoint anyone who believes beats are best for unwinding to. There are four different modes available to use, which can apparenty alleviate stress, stop anxiety and combat fatigue, manage cortisol levels, and promote better sleep. 

The system works by moving the aforementioned pins onto different parts of the ear, stimulating the vagus nerve, which is linked to a number of health benefits. Take a look and see what you think, early bird price is set at $179 and they should be shipping by August this year. But, if they don't appeal for some reason, you could always try Phonon's new O2 stick model, or Seinnheiser's HD 660 S, which were introduced late-2017.